Introducing Scribe

As of 2017, WordPress is still the most widespread CMS on the web. To keep up with new web technologies and trends, WordPress created a REST API and introduced a new admin interface called Calypso. REST API has been so far used by a lot of plugins, but only a few themes. Scribe is a theme, that can render both on the server and on the client, with the help of REST API. Therefore it brings completely unique features, previously unheard of amongst WordPress themes.



Scribe is a completely new kind of theme supported by WordPress. We strived for a unique and original design. But it is not only the design that makes Scribe stand out. It is mainly the technology behind it. This article will cover most of the features one by one.



Animations are commonly used in many themes, but few of them are like those we have added to Scribe. The animations are smooth, clean and very fast. It is a new kind of animation and even if you are not a fan of an animated website we really believe you should give Scribe a chance. The animations are quick and mostly try to tell a story about what is happening to improve the user experience. And if you are really dead set against animations you can always turn them off in the Customizer.


Instant transitions

Scribe is on a mission to eliminate any delays when browsing a website. And so far it is succeeding. It updates only the parts of the screen that truly need to change and it loads just the minimal amount of data to render next page. And to completely avoid any waiting it loads content in advance.



Loading content in advance

This is the feature that mostly stands behind the speed of Scribe. The theme guesses what content you will visit next and loads it sooner. This feature not only improves speed but also stability. When you find yourself in a subway tunnel without connection, you can still browse the previously loaded content.


Fast comments

Adding comment is very simple and instant too, so you don’t have to wait for it to be posted, but once you click the button, it’s there!



Real-time customizer support


Setting up Scribe is fast and intuitive. You only have to visit the Theme Customizer and start tinkering. As you change various settings, the preview changes in real time so you always know what’s happening and what you are doing. The site preview updates in real-time for simple changes such as color changes but also for more advanced settings like changing the layout or switching between posts and static page on the front page or even editing the primary menu.


Scribe is unique, but not perfect

The technology behind Scribe brings new possibilities, but also limitations. Many WordPress add-ons won’t work properly, especially those that try to render new content to the screen or those that try to add more logic via custom scripts. They are simply not meant to work with dynamic client-side rendering. So Scribe currently is what it claims to be – a simple blogging theme. That’s what it does well. Also, by being a rich client side application, it can also take longer to load on older phones and on slow mobile connections. But it is much faster on next visits. Scribe shines if visitors want to browse around or if they regularly come back to read more. We have written more on this here in a separate article.


Since we are at the beginning of development we are planning on adding more features in later update releases. There are just some of them, that will be coming soon:

  • Offline support
  • One column of posts
  • Audio and video posts (content pinned on top of screen when transitioning)

Scribe is currently in beta and is available for download on, feel free to also checkout official demo at