Getting Started with Scribe

This guide will provide step-by-step instruction and additional tips how to set up Scribe for your blog.

Scribe is currently not available via official WordPress marketplace and it has to be installed manually. Therefore a reliable hosting needed and in most cases a custom domain as well. If you are experienced with running WordPress you may jump to point 3.

1. Choosing a WordPress hosting

There are several options when it comes to hosting. WordPress requires a PHP hosting and a MySQL database but many hosts provide 1-click WordPress install.

To ensure that Scribe runs smoothly and fast, make sure that the hosting has support for:

  • PHP 7.0 or higher
  • Automatic HTTPS certificates
  • HTTP2
  • Nginx
  • MariaDB
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Examples of hosts that mostly support these criteria are

Some hosts also allow you to buy a domain name together with a hosting package but sometimes you have to buy a domain elsewhere. Out of the three hosts above, only Dreamhost supports buying a domain together with a hosting plan and therefore is easiest to set up.

2. Uploading the theme

When you have hosting set up you can login into the admin panel of WordPress and upload our theme. Click appearance in the left panel, then click the add new button on top and upload a zip file with the archived theme.


After installation, choose and active the theme.

3. Install required plugins

Scribe itself relies upon a few other plugins to run properly. After theme activation, a message like this pops up:

Click install required plugins. Then you can choose all and select install:

4. Activate Permalinks

Scribe currently functions only with permalinks activated. They are good for Search Engine Optimization and they provide a friendlier URL structure.

You can activate permalinks in Settings->Permalinks. Choose day and name or month and name. Post name is currently not supported, but a slight similar structure can be achieved via custom structure, for example, /p/%postname%/`.

Congratulations! Scribe is working at this point!

5. Customize Scribe

Customization of Scribe works fully via WordPress customizer. It is available via Appearance -> Customize.

The first thing you may want to do is to set up a primary menu in menus tab. Create a menu and check the primary menu on the bottom. The navigation menu should appear on top. You can also upload a custom logo and header image. There’s also an option to adjust a few colors based on your image choice. Any change you do in Customizer should be propagated to preview in real time.

6. Adding pages and posts

Scribe has support for posts and pages and also post categories. If you want to display an image on top of posts and also in the post thumbnail, set it up as a featured image:

7. Install additional plugins (optional)

We recommend several plugins that we have successfully tested with Scribe:

WP Super Cache works with Scribe as well but requires deleting cache on post update and after theme update. We are looking to find a way for a more seamless integration.

Thank you for using Scribe and feel free to email as at if you have any questions or feedback.